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The winner's image

The winner's image

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The Winner's Image is based on one of the most important concepts a person will ever learn when it comes to personal development - self-image. Self-image deals with everything from our weight to our fulfillment to our annual income to our personal relationships. Until you understand this, you are dealing with an unseen enemy.

You'll try to change something in your life, and that change just won't "take"… because you're not trying to change the cause of the problem.

Trying to change the results while ignoring the health of your inner image is like a person painting the outside of their house and wondering why the kitchen doesn't look different!

The Winner's Image is a strong action-oriented program with a strong emphasis on accountability. Without THIS change, very little will ever change in your life!

This program teaches us that we are subconsciously programmed to immediately look for something wrong with ourselves or outside of ourselves when we lose.

Our self-image can be compared to a thermostat or autopilot on an airplane – even if it operates automatically or unconsciously in just one area of ​​your life, its power will affect every facet of your life.

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... anyone and everyone who wants to improve their life.

Writers | Bob Proctor and Sandy Gallagher

Media | Video, audio, PDF

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